This year we have planned a 3 day tour of the Milford Haven.

Preparations started for a few weeks, make rebreather ready to make training dives with the TR300c.

On Wednesday it was ready, all the equipment of 3 divers had been stowed in the Caddy. We drove off at 8 clock in the Mediterranean.

About 18 clock we arrived, unfortunately delayed due to closure of the Gotthard tunnel, then the small harbor in Arenzano and unloaded our gear.

Then we moved into our hotel and enjoy a traditional dinner in the nearby pizzeria we planned the next day.

Thursday, 09.06 (1st dive):
We were, as arranged by 9 clock at the base and prepared the TR300c rebreather filling sofnolime, assembly, calibration, and the checks were completed in time to exit at 10 clock.
The first dive was shorter then once (we had OC SCUBA divers here) but to check the equipment and explore the wreck just right.

On the second dive, the sea was a little uneasy, but what the Rip ride was “sporty”. On the second dive I asked the sight in the engine room, but it was a bit too much sediment in the water.

Friday (Day 2) 07.09:
The Friday showed up again from its best side. As our good or lime for a dive was, we made a trip to the foredeck.

The second dive (after changeing the sofnolime) we headed to the screw. At about 65m visibility was poor but still good to orient themselves. Arrived at the helm, I had not seen the screw until Gerd signaled down, and then I saw that I was practically on the screw Smiley Visibility was not good but at least 2m. After a few minutes (plan), we went back up to the deck, the slow climb to the shot line already slowly walked down the Decompression something.

Saturday, 08.09 (last day):
The last day we went in peace. We dived again until the very stern, where the already heavy winches slowly break into the deck. Then the chimney circling in slow ascent, then glanced up into the chimney, and then back to the main deck.
The second dive took us to the blast hole. The opening is quite large and the light of Torche lost in obscurity. Very interesting, that we are a closer look at the next visit.
Everything was very relaxed. The immersion times were again limited by OC diver something.


52m 62min Diluent 15/55
59m 83min Diluent 15/55
56m 63min Diluent 15/55
80m 75min Diluent 10/70
54m 60min Diluent 15/55
67m 62min Diluent 15/55

The Exploration Team:
Holger TR300c eCCR (left)
Karin   TR300c mCCR (mid)
Gerd   TR300c mCCR (right)
IMG_0043 (800x600)
We have all the gases with us P9041302 (800x600)
Karin on the way to the Shotline Schnappschuss_002_Kopie
Gerd at teh Shotline Gerd TR300c_003 (2)
Holger over one of the decks Holger TR300c_001 (2)