TR300c eCCR U455 Expedition

For Mid-October DIRrebreather expedition was planned to submarine U455. I had also logged and made everything clear so far. The aim was to confirm the exact identity of the submarine, and possibly to collect data for its demise.

Dives were planned up to 120m depth. The submarine is inclined to the seabed. The bug starts at about 92m, the rear part is in the sea bed at about 123m.

Our team gases were measured at Diluent 8/80, Bailout 10/70, 18/45, 50, and O2.


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TR300c (eCCR) im See

Gerd and I took advantage of the german holiday to make a small dive at lake  Vogelstang.

Gerd took the opportunity to try out his new housing for the GoPro Hero2


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