The Rebreatherteam was from 09.06. to 15.06.2013 in Pula Croatia for wreck diving

For the journey we chose the route via Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia, as some highways were not yet fully navigable because of the flooding in Bavaria.

After 13 hour drive we arrived at the Hotel Brioni Pula. After a small drink at the bar we went to the room


After breakfast we went to base to prepare our equipment, there we met Reinhard, who broke his foot the day before and could no longer us and dive with us.

The first dive in the afternoon was then at the wreck of Varese.

In the late afternoon we have not filled in short everything again, and then ended the evening at the hotel buffet.


Today we had another dive boat, very comfortable. After loading it went off at 9 clock. Today there were two half wrecks, first the bow of Rossarol, then the rear of the Rossarol, about 100m away. When returning equipment was back then rinse, fill bottles and changing the scrubberl for the next dive. This evening we feasted on us breakfast in the hotel


Today we had with the fourth TR300c, on Monday came Igor from Slovenia and today we made the first dive together.

The first dive was the wreck of the Draga. A small wreck but beautiful. The second dive then led to the Flamingo

Evening and again the same ritual wash, fill and then dinner at the hotel buffet.


The first dive was today many areas in networks “packed” at the Luana, a very nice wreck. It was also here for the first time the best view, unfortunately my video camera had not enough power so that only emerged a few minutes of video.

Then we went to the golem. A fishing boat that was rammed by a Kontainerschiff and sank. Here were still many things to discover. Despite flow again the visibility was worse again.

When you return to the base, “the same procedure then the days before”


Today was quite a lot of swell, we were well rolled The first stop was at the Reworker, visibility was good but the waves on the surface made the exit again sporty.

In the second wreck was unfortunately no longer there line label, so we went to the John Gilmore. Here again, the visibility was really bad, but the wreck was quite nice. When we showed up, the dive boat was a few meters away. Here’s a shot of the line was torn and the dive boat was waiting for us at the GPS position

In the evening the full program Smile


Today was the final highlight of the almost mirror smooth lake we went to Baron Gautsch. Move up another 5 OC 2 and techies to rebreather divers, the boat had dipped sharply flip side of all the many brace, with the gas we had a year Smile

The sight of the Baron Gautsch was very good and the two dives were great

Late in the evening was washed and packed everything into the night. Unfortunately the wreck week was now at an end.

Now that we were too late for the hotel breakfast we went to a nearby restaurant or a bite to eat.


Today we went back again now. After 1045km and 14 hours later we were back home


Diluent / Bottom Bailout: 18/35 80cuf / 7 Liter

Bailout: Nitrox 50 80cuf / 7 Liter


Varese ………………..41m 76min
Rossarol – Bug …….47m 79min
Rossarol – Heck ……45m 54min
Draga ………………….44m 64min
Flamingo …………….39m 62min
Luana …………………46m 67min
Golem …………………42m 55min
Reworker …………….38m 37min
John Gilmore ……….43m 76min
Baron Gautsch ……..40m 92min
Baron Gautsch ……..36m 59min

Unload and prepare the equipment 2013-06-09 09.49.28
Stefan and Gerd on the shot line in the decostop GOPR0071
Holger with TR300c after a dive IMG_0008
Gerd with TR300c after the dive IMG_0015
Stefan whit Inspiration Classic after the dive IMG_0048
Igor with TR300c before the dive IMG_0005
Stefan when oxygen boosters P6101492
The four TR300c together Karin, Igor, Holger and Gerd P6121511
Gerd, The captain, Karin / Holger, Dane and Stefan P6141529